What is Career Literacy?

Career Literacy is the basic knowledge and skills that we all need to help us read the 21st Century work environment. While it isn’t news that the workplace is changing, it is always news when those changes impact us. To be prepared, we need to understand what forces are driving the changes and what we need to know to position ourselves for a successful and satisfying work life. Career Management is the application of the Career Literacy skill set to manage your career over time. Historically, career planning was less important. There were more varied and less competitive opportunities.  The requirements were often less specific. Often any college degree was sufficient to get in the door. Not anymore.  This new reality is being driven by the sweeping impact of science and technological advancements and the speed at which innovation and businesses are evolving. Today, we need to be resilient and responsible for our growth and development.  The need to understand the basics of Career Literacy, to make educated choices about career direction and learning throughout our working years is now essential.

Last Updated: 9/25/2018 11:16 AM