Counseling Division Course Descriptions


Counseling 100 – Career Planning – 3 units

An introduction to career/life planning, including an exploration of interests, skills, values, personality traits, past experiences and life stages. Students will develop a career/life plan using gathered self-information, decision-making strategies, and an awareness of psychological, sociological and physiological factors related to career/life satisfaction. The course is approved for distance education format. (AA/AS, CSU)

Counseling 115 – Transfer/Career Readiness (Puente) – 2 units

This course is designed to be the cornerstone of a successful transition into the next stage of a student’s academic goal. Students will gain an understanding of the psychological, sociological and academic demands of college and employment as well as learn how to utilize tools available to search for employment and/or to apply for transfer to a university. Upon course completion, students will have applied to universities and/or submitted an application for employment. (AA/AS, CSU)

Coun 25 course_outline_pdf.pdfCounseling 25 – Creating College Success (Puente) – 2 units

This course will focus on strategies and tools for college success, in addition to exploring culture and its impact on academic success. Students in this course will also be paired with a mentor from the professional community. (AA/AS, CSU)

Human Development 121 –Student Success – 2 units

This course will provide the student with an opportunity to learn and adopt techniques, tools, and methods
that will enhance his/her success in college. In addition, this course will highlight key strategies for improving
a student's understanding of personal responsibility and self-management.


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