About District Police 

 The College of the Sequoias District Police Department is part of the Student Services Unit at  College of the Sequoias.  

COSPD handles all reports of criminal behavior and emergencies on campus, as well as coordinating assistance and investigation with outside agencies as deemed necessary.

College of the Sequoias District Police Department's officers may work in uniform or plain-clothes dependent on assignment. Officers provide a full range of police related services, including but not limited to: primary emergency responses; preventative patrol; investigation of reported or suspected crimes; enforcement of all applicable laws; follow-up and specialized criminal investigations; crime prevention; special event security; traffic activities (enforcement and accident investigations); parking enforcement; and, on occasion, campus escorts of students, faculty, or staff.

 Mission Statement

The District Police Department's mission is to protect the college community while providing the highest levels of services consistent with available resources and staffing.  This department's philosophy is to promote the educational process by providing an environment in which crime and disruptive conditions are minimized.

Our goals are to maintain crime prevention and service as a primary goal, while vigorously pursuing those who engage in criminal activity. We wish to maintain the highest levels of confidentiality, integrity, and professionalism in all matters and activities.

 Jurisdiction and Authority

The District Police officers are duly sworn peace officers of the State of California . Empowered by section 830.32(a) of the California Penal Code, officers possess the same authority, and adhere to the same state-mandated standards, as municipal police officers. Therefore, under California law, officers may enforce laws and make arrests anywhere in the state; however, we concentrate our efforts on the campus. Our department enjoys a positive and close working relationship with the City of Visalia Police Department, with whom we share proximity, mutual interests, and geographic jurisdiction, as well as the City of Tulare and City of Hanford .

Persons arrested by District Police officers are processed in accordance with prevailing practices in Tulare and Kings County, which can include: citation and release; booking into the Tulare or Kings County Jail; filing of charges with, and prosecution through, the District Attorney's Office; and formal trial.



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