The Clery Act (Campus Safety and Reporting) requires reporting of geographical locations that institutions use to provide educational programs, to include all non-campus property that the District owns or controls and directly supports, or relate to, the District’s educational purpose.
These areas include:
·         classroom space in public or private settings
·         facilities for off-site events (athletic events, practice fields, firearms ranges, etc.)
·         hotels or other facilities used for college-sponsored student travel
To be reportable, the District (or a District-associated entity) either directly or indirectly rents, leases or has some other type of written agreement (including an informal agreement, such as a letter or email) for the use of a building or property, or a portion of a building or property for educational use.  Even if no payment is involved, an agreement giving the District control of a space for a designated time period requires reporting.  
As a result, in order to meet the Clery Act reporting requirements, all potential educational locations and all student travel must be reported to the District Police for potential inclusion in the Annual Campus Safety and Security Report.  It is important to understand that we do not approve such locations…we simply have to include them and any reportable crime statistics at those locations in our annual reporting.  Once a location is identified, we will add it is added to the geographic footprint of the District report, and contact the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction and request information on any Clery Act reportable crimes that occurred during the date(s) and time(s) the District had control of the property.

Clery Act Student Travel Form

Most District-sponsored student travel may be reportable, but certain trips are clearly excluded from reporting:
-          Field Trips (Day Trips):  We are not required to include statistics for field trips to locations that the District does not own or control.
-          Overnight, school-sponsored trips:  We are not required to report one-night trips, for example, to see a play, if it is not a reoccurring trip using the same hotel(s).  If the District sponsors the overnight trip regularly (at least annually) and stays at the same location each time (hotel, campsites, etc.), it is reportable.
-          Other College Events:  If the student trip is an event that another Clery-reporting college has organized (example: athletic tournament) and that college arranged for accommodations (no COS agreement), they will be required to include the event in their Clery report.  IF COS makes the reservations and pays the bill, it is ours.
-          Student-organized trips:  If the District is not involved to planning, sponsoring or making reservations for a trip involving students, it is not reportable.
Any District-sponsored trip that is more than one night that is not clearly excluded must be reported, including all locations if there are multiple destinations.
To report the travel, please complete the attached Clery Student Travel Form and submit to the District Police Department for use in our annual reporting.

Clery Act Off-Campus Locations

In the effort to identify all off-campus locations, we are requesting that all training locations be identified for the purpose of Clery.  If a course or training location is included in Banner (class schedule), we are currently aware of the information.  What is not known are any locations off campus that are used for educational purposes that COS owns or controls and are not included in Banner.
For example, COS students who are interning at a hospital or clinic would not be reportable because COS does not have any control of that location.  However, students who report to an off-site location for training (firing ranges, fire training facilities, classrooms, sports fields, etc.) that are leased, rented or reserved for our use are reportable. 
To report off-campus training sites, please complete the attached Clery Off-Campus Usage Form and submit to the District Police Department for use in our annual reporting.
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