Emergency Notification for College of the Sequoias

The College of the Sequoia's Emergency Notification System uses two separate systems that enable fast and efficient dissemination of urgent information through email, text, District computers, alert devices and LED boards, and push notices through an application on smartphones and tablets.  Notifications can have information on any of the following that could have a serious or severe impact on campus activity or result in injury, property damage or both.  
  • College/Campus closings due to severe weather or any other related event
  • Police/Fire Emergencies that may affect the Academic Buildings or the entire campus.  
  • Natural, man-made or other serious events that impact the college operation in part or in whole
Regroup Email / Text Notices
As an employee or student of the college, you are automatically registered for Regroup Emergency Notices using your college email address and listed phone numbers.  To insure timely notification, it is important that you update your personal information in Banner Web to allow Regroup to reach your cell phone and/or most current email address.


Alertus Emergency Notification System

The Alertus Emergency Notification System works in conjunction with Regroup to provide information during an emergency.  Alertus utilizes several methods to alert the campus community to an emergency. 

  • All District desktop computers are equipped to display an emergency alert
  • In-building notification beacons and LED Boards / monitors (public areas)
  • PA speakers (public areas and outdoors)
  • "Giants Alert" - Mobile application for smartphone and tablet to receive immediate emergency notices and update

    The Alertus Activator AppCollege of the Sequoias Mobile Notification


    Sign-Up Today 


    Receive emergency alerts and updates on your

    smartphone and tablet.  

                             1.  Download the "Alertus +" recipient app on your OIS or Android product
                             2.  Enter Giants as the requested code
                             3.  Enter your email and confirm the Alertus email you will then receive
                             4.  Update your Alertus profile on the Alertus app
                             5.  Go to your phone settings and set notifications for the Alertus​ app

Desktop+in+classroom.jpgOutdoor NotificationLED Marquee messageIn-Building Notification


If you have any questions, please contact the District Police office at 559-730-3999.




Alertus Technologies 


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