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   Fall 2018 - Clubs List​ (will be available September 1st)
   Spring 2018 - Clubs List
   Fall 2017 - Clubs List
   Note:  Check back for club list updates throughout the semester!
Would you like to organize a new club? 
   How to Organize a Club
Information for Inter-Club Council Representatives:
  Memo - ICC Fall 2018 Meetings 
What are I.C.C. Representatives?
   The Student Senate I.C.C. Representative holds meetings twice monthly.
   All clubs must appoint a rep from their club to attend all meetings.
   Club reps will receive information about Student Senate and activities.
   Club reps will share information about their clubs.
Club Advisors:
  Club Advisor Handbook.pdf *
  (*note: advisor handbook is subject to revisions during the summer)
  Frequently Used Forms
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