Student Senate 

The Student Senate Leadership Class is the recognized Student Government Association that represents all students at COS.  We have representatives on all of the major committees that affect the education of students.  We interact with students, faculty, and administration on a daily basis voicing the students' needs and concerns.

The business of the Student Senate is carried out by the Student Senate Executive Board.  Members comprising the Student Senate Executive Board are:  President, Vice President, Student Body Ambassador, Student Board of Trustees Member, and five Commissioners of - Activities, Clubs, Records, Finance, and Publicity/Art.


Student Senate Meetings
  The Student Senate meetings are held weekly:  Tuesday    11:10 am - 12 pm    COS Board Room

Student Senate as part of the Governance Structure

Officers and Advisor

   2017/2018 Officers

   2016/2017 Officers

   2015/2016 Officers

   Spring 2015 Officers
Fall 2014 Officers

   Spring 2014 Officers
Fall 2013 Officers

   Spring 2013 Officers
   Spring 2013 Officers - Group

   Fall 2012 Officers 

   Spring 2012 Officers - Group
   Spring 2012 Officers - Individuals

   Spring 2011 Officers

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