Our Mission Statement

Through the Student Success Program, College of the Sequoias aspires to create learning environments that both challenge and support first-year students.   The goal is to ease the transition to college for first year students, to help them succeed in college and to provide encouragement to stay in college.


The Student Success Program

The Student Success Program provides services to assist students in meeting their educational goals through academic, career and personal counseling, workshops, individual and group support meetings. Student Success is a district wide program which fosters a learning environment that provides all students with equitable resources necessary to succeed in their academic endeavors. The goal is to ensure that students are prepared with the necessary tools to follow and complete their educational plans. In addition, we may also provide printing access, laptop checkout, textbook assistance, gas voucher, testing supplies, snacks, field trips and various incentives.​ ​
By promoting access, success, and retention, the Student Success Program desires to help participating students:
  • develop intellectual and academic competence;​
  • develop personal identity;
  • decide on or achieve clarity about a career goal;
  • maintain personal health and wellness;
  • create a sense of personal value for each student;
  • consider, examine or internalize what they believe and value;
  • develop multicultural awareness and learn to tolerate, affirm and appreciate differences among people;
  • develop civic responsibility as a responsible citizen; and
  • create a sense of community and connectedness to the college.
Through this program and its components, College of the Sequoias accepts the responsibility of being more accountable for student success in their successful completion or transfer.

Student Equity Plan  2015-16.pdfStudent Equity Plan 2015-16

Student Equity Plan Progress

2016 Equity Budget report

2015 Equity Budget report.xlsx2015 Equity Budget report



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