Steps to Finding Your Career

The Career Center provides personalized services and programs related to career exploration. Assessing your personality, strengths, interests, and researching current job market will allow you to gain insight into making an informed decision about what career fits you best. Complete the steps below and call the Transfer & Career Center at (559) 737-6110 to make an appointment with a counselor.

Step 1: Get to Know Yourself
Who Am I?
Explore your personality, interests, values, learning styles, and careers by taking the EUREKA assessments.
Step 2: Where Am I Going?
Discover Your Career and Major Options
Knowing your career goal allows you to make an informed choice about your major.
Review and research information related to your occupation or career. Make a list of YOUR Top 3 career choices and identify the major that fits best with each. Be realistic!
Step 3: How Do I Get There?
Explore Education/Training Programs
Review and research education/training programs related to your occupational goal.
Step 4: See a Counselor
Build your Student Education Plan (SEP)
Make an appointment with a counselor to build your SEP based on your educational goal.
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