The College of the Sequoias Student Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for students representing various disciplines at our college to develop leadership and public relations skills while providing guidance to incoming and potential students. 
Assignments may include: assisting in the Welcome Center, conducting tours of the campus, representing the college at community events throughout the county (i.e., visits to area high schools, job fairs, college nights, etc.)


What is the Student Ambassador Program?

Student Ambassadors (SAs) assist incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current students in the areas of admission and transition. They work closely with prospective students, new students and current students in various areas of student services, including outreach, registration, financial aid, academic programs, student involvement, orientation, and much more.​


What are the requirements?

       >2.75 GPA

       Enrolled in six or more units for the Fall 2017 semester

What are the responsibilities of Student Ambassadors?

       Facilitate transitional programs for first-year students, transfer students, and their families.

       Develop expertise in multiple areas of academics in order to assist students.

       Lead workshops, presentations, and discussions to provide students and their families with information and perspectives on campus life.

       Portray College of the Sequoias, its policies, agencies, services and campus life in a professional manner to new students and parents.

Desired Qualifications:

       Strong communication skills: be ready to listen and respond to individuals' questions and concerns and have the ability to help others problem-solve and make decisions.

       Public speaking abilities: be comfortable interacting with large and small audiences.

       Commitment: be attentive to the responsibilities of the Student Ambassador position.

    ​   Multitasking: be able to balance a variety of activities, including academics and extra-curricular activities.​ ​​


To pick up an application, please visit the Welcome Center (Sequoia Room 104) or click on the following link:


Return a completed application packet to:

Catherine McGuire
 Welcome Center Coordinator
(559) 737-5410

Welcome Center
Visalia campus
Sequoia Building, Room 104​

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